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How To Xerjoff 17/17 The Marine Way

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The XJ 17/17 Stone Label Collection includes the luxurious floral fragrance 17/17 Irisssss by XerJoff. It is surrounded by a soft cocoon made of irises and a root that looks like an Art Nouveau painting. Its base is a blend of woody notes, and xerjoff a musky scent. While it's not widely available but it is available in a sample at Fragrance Vault.

Xerjoff is a complex broad scent. It is perfect for those who appreciate elegance and distinction. The perfume is also available in the form of a cologne. The price is $90 and it is available in a variety of sizes. The bottle is made of gold, Xerjoff 17/17 Irisss silver and ebony. It is a rich and long-lasting perfume.

Irisss is a bold and enticing eau de perfume for Xerjoff 17/17 Irisss men. It has a mix of lilies, orange rose, and musk. It's reminiscent exotic tropical island, with the hint of spice that comes from the vetiver and Moroccan Atlas cedar. This scent is a true pleasure for the sophisticated and elegant.

The eau-de perfume of Xerjoff is complex exotic and challenging. It is designed for the refined and distinguished. It's a must-have item for any man's fragrance arsenal. It's a bold and upscale scent for the elegant woman. You'll never be mistaken for being a princess. It's a sensual and rich and beautiful scent.

Xerjoff's 17/17 Irisss is a rich and evocative fragrance that's both enchanting and challenging. This is a great choice for Xerjoff 17/17 women who prefer an elegant scent. It has Neroli and Bulgarian rose, as well as woody vetiver and musk. Unlike many other scents in the Xerjoff collection, this powerful scent will last an extended period of time.

Irisssssss by Xerjaoff is a floral and aromatic fragrance, is both demanding and vast. This fragrance is ideal for those who prefer an elegant and sophisticated scent. A little Irisssssss from Xerjoxerjoff will give you an elegant and refreshing scent that will make it feel like you're royalty. It is a combination iris-citrus, which makes it sound beautiful.

Xerjoff 17/17 Irisss ('s 17/17 Irisss is a floral scent that is equally demanding and expansive. This perfume is designed for sophisticated, sophisticated women who appreciate elegant perfumes. When wearing this scent, you'll find yourself smelling amazing and feeling rejuvenated while looking stunning. If you're a glamorous woman, this floral symphony will leave you smelling gorgeous.

Xerjoff's 17/17 is a elegant, feminine scent that has citrus notes. Its name is similar to the orris root. The symphony in the perfume and its orris are not as good in the symphony with rose, violet and ylang. The symphonium melts your heart and is beautiful, while the musk and cedar notes are delightful to wear.

This floral scent is packed with the roots of the iris and is completely engulfing. The Iris is a beautiful orchid with an Art Nouveau flair. Its woody tinge , smoky nuances and smoky make the scent more exotic. A luminous musk is the perfect complement to the smokey the iris root.


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