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Gdzie I Jak Szukać Pracy?

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This resulted in the appearance of demand for qualified guidance and job counselling specialists helping youth and adults choose careers and monter Okien berlin education paths. In the first part, the demand for employees with vocational education is described, followed by characteristic of requirements of employers towards them, as well as the recruitment problems indicated by the employers. The second part focuses on the employees' perspective and presents how people with vocational education cope in the labour market in terms of employment level, job stability, position in the hierarchy of occupations and earnings.

Jobs offers connected with managerial, specialist and other positions could be addressed to university graduates. The survey results enable the authoress to define how the experience gathered on the labour market influences personal wage expectations among job seekers - the unemployed and employed people. Among them, 66 job offers concerned managerial positions, 51 - specialists, 49 - workers and 35 - others. Their chances are presented from two perspectives - employers and workers.

Participants were 281 workers represented different type of occupation.

The most effective methods were shown to be direct contact (networking), Internet and media (press). Both realized that the best source is memory, and that is why it is contact with man that is important in reporter’s job, as the man might relate and provide more information than records, archives or historical monuments. The paper is based on informal institution analysis in accordance with the institutional economics theory.

This thesis is aimed at finding the answer for the question „What is the role of communication in the process of looking for a job? Also, this threat is significantly weaker in the case of indefinite contracts, than for 12 or 36-month contracts. The smallest number of offers came from alcohol and fish industries (2 offers from each). The analysis is based on data from CBOP and the System of Online Job Offers (SIOP) developed by the Institute of Labour and Social Studies and covers the years 2017-2018.

The paper discusses actual trends on the Polish labour market. The goal of the paper is to systematise knowledge about the characteristics and structure of online job offers in the light of the scale of the imbalance of the Polish labour market. This  data w​as do ne ​by G​SA C on tent  G en er ator DEMO!

The author focuses on the hypothesis of crowding in several occupations, the theory of discrimination, the human capital theory, the theory of information cost, labour market signaling theory, the limited spatial mobility of women hypothesis and Rosen’s model of discrimination.

The author presents the main findings of his empirical research carried out in the Podhale region. The author poses a question if it has its equivalents in the tradition of studying. The aim of the article is to present the research project and its main results. The results for all the respondents show that factors influencing the time needed for young people to find their first job are in line with the literature. High work and kawalerka leżajsk wynajem family demands correlated with low job and marital satisfaction.

The article describes more and more common phenomenon of combining full-time studies with work.

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